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Cooking Classes for Young Women

Fundamentals • Spices • Protein • Meats

At Africanne On Main, Inc., we take pride in teaching the fundamentals of domesticity to young women between the ages of 11 to 15. This 10-week program includes all the basics, and ends with a hands-on series of cooking sessions as well as a graduation and a culinary inspired gift of completion. Our low class count of 5 to 15 girls per class results in a lot of one-on-one personal attention for each participant. Contact us today for details on registration.

Chef Mamusu feels very passionate about these classes as the lessons were passed down from her grandmother to  carry on the traditional cultural cooking.  All the spices and herbs are carefully chosen for part of this experience.


About the Program

Chef MaMusu will host Cultural cooking classes for young women ages 11-15, through her “Fundamentals to Womanhood” program. Four 10-week sessions are planned yearly and will take place at the Africanne on Main Restaurant on Tuesday afternoons from 4pm-6 pm. Students will learn cooking concepts from safety, to serving four-course meals. They will also be developing the skills from “The Fundamentals of Womanhood” Program. Young chefs will receive a cooking apron, cookware and the secret recipes that have made Chef MaMusu’s cultural dishes a distinct staple in the Richmond Area.

Class Information
The cost for the 10 week class session is FREE for the students which is supported by Bon Secours Richmond Health System.

There will be special sessions offered after completion of the 10 week program so students will have an opportunity to further their training until age 18.


Chef Cooking 10 Week Schedule
Week 1:

“Introduction:   Young chefs and Chef MaMusu will get to know each other and discuss the expections and the fun they will have the next 10 weeks.

Week 2:

Know Your Pots and Pans” Young chefs will learn the essentials of cookware and kitchen safety, place settings and proper utensil use will be taught. Introduction to the "Spices of Life" Discovery of the magnificent world of spices from various continents and learn internal healing spices such as black seed, thyme, ginger, curry, and much more.

Week 3:
“Cooking with Spices" Tasting and learning how to use spices in a variety of ways in food and cooking.

Week 4:
“Time to Shop" We will visit a grocery store and learn efficient and effective food shopping on a budget.

Week 5:
“Meet the Meats” A Professional butcher will be demonstrating cutting, proper storage, and processing meats, including chicken, beef, and fish. We will be examining meats that are nutritious for the body and harmful meats. Fire & Health Safety Guests from the Fire Department and Health Department will provide guidance and tips to keep safety a top priority while in the kitchen. 

Week 6: "Fine Dining & Etiquette" Young Chefs will experience a fine dining restaurant and will learn the art of etiquette and manners in this environment. 

Weeks 7-9“Turn up the Fire-Let’s Cook” Young chefs will prepare meats, bread, vegetarian dishes, etc. Nutrition and the importance of eating healthy will be discussed throughout the cooking process.

Graduation  - The graduating classes will cook and serve dinner to their families and friends.







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