tuesday long

The Chef's Menu

"Served Fresh Daily"


Tuesday's Specials

  • Chef's Famous Mixed Greens 
  • Liberian Jollof Rice w/ Veggies
  • Chicken Balls in Pineapple BBQ Sauce
  • Herbal Fried Lake Trout
  • Sautéed Noodles (w/ veggies and salmon)
  • Stir-Fried Peppers and Onions
  • Sweet Cornbread
  • Stewed Chicken "African Style"
  • Sweet Fried Plantains
  • Fresh Steamed Spinach "Our Way" 
  • Red Beans and Rice
  • Veggie Paratha Pie

From Chef MaMusu's Signature Cookbook

  • Sautéed Veggie Medley


Ginger Tea * Ginger Beer * Grandma's Stove Tea * Healing Tea * Sorrel African Drink * Lemonade/Pineaple Ginger * African Fruit Punch


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