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World In a Skillet, Get Some!

The book is laden with recipes from every corner of the globe and President Obama's own PO Casserole concludes the book. It's not one that he made or one from his family, but one created in his honor by CHef MaMusu in celebration of his inauguration. This is an excellent book to add to your collection for its breadth of recipes. Black and white photographs of individuals are included as well as a bibliography of selected readings.
Date of Posting: 24 January 2012
Posted By: Rebecca Tolley-Stokes
Dining: From Comfort Food to Creativity - Chef Ma-Musu

Widely known for her soulful, healthy African dishes, Chef Ma-Musu works 50 hours a week in her downtown Richmond restaurant. Cooking is her passion, but the multitalented Ma-Musu has many others, from elaborate hair braiding and designing clothes to writing cookbooks and creating fabric art. What she lacks these days is enough free time to pursue the numerous creative endeavors that helped to distinguish her from other entrepreneurs when she relocated to Richmond more than 20 years ago.

“My personal down time is when I do my creative stuff,” said Ma-MuSu, as she sat in her home carving elephants for a necklace. “I sew and I do the stuff I like to do as an artist.” A native of Liberia, her grandmothers taught her how to cook, sew, design clothes, braid, carve and think like an entrepreneur. They taught her well. Ma-Musu has owned several different businesses over the years. Her skills, along with good friends, enabled her to raise enough money to bring dozens of relatives from her war-torn homeland to the United States.

“People come in the restaurant for comfort food. Some are upset and not feeling well a lot of times. When they leave they say, “I feel much better now.” I understand what they are saying. I have prayed for them to feel that way. A lot of spices that I use are healing spices, thyme, rosemary and ginger. I asked God to let the food heal them.” Ma-Musu always knew she wanted to cook. But it was her first Richmond business, a braid shop, that exposed her culinary skills. While braiding designs that took all day, she fed her customers.

Long-time friends say Ma-Musu will find time to pursue goals. Ma-Musu’s 10th cooking academy for girls was held in April. She hopes to form a nonprofit to support it. She is working on a series of cookbooks and natural hair and skin products. She also plans to distribute her natural teas in eight flavors at supermarkets. And eventually, she would like to have her own nationally televised cooking show.
Date of Posting: 10 August 2010
Posted By: Robin Farmer
Recruiting New Members

We ask that you invite everyone on your buddy list to become a member of this cause, the more people that join the stronger we will become. Lets reach out to those people, friends, associates, and lets make a big impact in Richmond,Va so that it can spread through out the world because it is truly not about us. It is about helping those who are less fortunate than we are and helping them to get to the level we are!!!
Date of Posting: 17 July 2009
Posted By: Causes

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