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Join Chef MaMusu’s Watch-Your-Weight Campaign


Chef Mamusu, at African On Main, is highly skilled in herbal cleansing and nutrition, that is sure to help you achieve your weight loss goal.  Her exclusive nutritional program will help you yield exceptional results.


Chef Mamusu prepares delicious, healthy and perfectly portioned meals to-go.  So while you're busy managing your life, we'll be managing you weight loss.


We have dedicated our food to:

  1. 100% ALL Natural Rice

  2. 100% ALL Natural Wheat Pasta and Flour

  3. Fresh Steamed Vegetables

  4. Halal Kosher meats ONLY

  5. Vegetarian Soy Products (Chicken & Fish)

  6. Healing Herbs & Spices Prepared in every meal

  7. All Natural Teas & Drinks

  8. No Trans Fats

  9. “Sans Fatback”

  10. No Added Salt 

  11.  No Fructose

With proper exercise, diet and Chef MaMusu’s meals, you will drop pounds and lose inches

If you would like to lose between 15-30 pounds by summer, join our 15 week Spring Weight Loss Campaign

 7 Meals for $35.00  (See daily menu to order.)



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